June 09, 2011


Another gunshot, another fatality.Senseless acts of violence seem to plague the African-American community. From city city, young  lives are taken at an alarming rate.Both famous and non-famous,both gang related and non-gang related youth.Never the less,each time a young life is taken,it emphasizes a serious problem. There is a bleak reality facing our youth,and violence seems to be the inevitable solution to a deep-rotted issue that has plagued black males for years.

There is no hope, no redemption, and violence remains the sovereign force among the streets of inner city neighbor hoods. Black males are inundated with music that tells them to be tough, movies that show them how to tough, and girls who perpetuate this "tough" ideal that results in one life after the other being taken away. 

Further than mass media, many of these young men feel emotionally and mentally isolated as they are not able vent may frustrations that oppose that "ideal". Mothers want their sons to be worriers, sister want their brothers to protect them, and God forbid anything that disappoints Grandmom. It is the aforementioned attributes in addition to a lack of guidance and direction that contributes to an ever increasing list of young black fatalities.

 We gotta wake up....


{Married 84 Years}
Ever since God knows when I have been enamored with love and all therein. Be it the climax scene in The Bodyguard or the love songs that saturated the melodramatic 90’s, love has long been a large facet of my mind, my heart, and my actions, hence my being iif you will.

Now I think love is that much more significant in ones life when it is absent, in my case my father’s vacancy left an indelible void in my life of which I have felt since my early childhood. That made me think of love in a different way than those whom do not come from a broken home. I desired to know how a love gained could turn into a love lost. How does heaven turn into hell? And how do children make matters worse? I would soon find my answers (Thanks to the Maya Angelou a.k.a. my mother, and Nene Leakes a.k.a. my sister in my life, Oh and constant repeats of the title track to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.)

I learned love can not be manufactured, salvaged, duplicated, and above all, love can not be one sided.  I have constantly witnessed one sided love from my parents, sister, and every other relative you can name (from Philly to Alabama). I have seen unrequited love growing up and to this day just as much as a wealthy person has seen illegitimate babies from illegitimate affairs.  I have seen one give and the other take in a way that makes love very unattractive, uninviting, and completely unnecessary. Yet I’ve longed for love in a way that makes me not only want to have the most requited love ever, but a way that mends the horrid examples of love I’ve seen in my life.

All of which brings me to my life now, where I have love and it was able to emancipate my deep rooted resentment towards love. I don’t know if I should be grateful to the universe for showing me the worse of love so I could experience the best of love or if I should hold my breath and wait for my world to collapse before my very love struck eyes. I think Ill bask in the gratitude. 


May 25, 2011

The Problem With Jessie J....

The UK has birthed some of music's most talented acts form Amy Winehouse to Marsha Ambrosius
, and of course the unstoppable Adele. That said, there is certain singer form across the pond who doesn’t sit comfortably with the aforementioned talents. Her name is Jessie J. Her problem is confidence and too much of it. There is a laundry list of issues surrounding Jessie J; however I’ll focus on just this one to avoid my first published book.

Let me preface this with saying I was having a perfectly great afternoon, working on other pieces, trying not tof all victim to the recession (so for not working) etc. I saw "Jessie J Sings Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’".  To my dismay, I proceeded to watch what I knew would be the massacre of a classic song form an even more classic artist.

Anyone who knows me knows Whitney Houston is my religion, musical savoir, fortress of incomparable and matchless vocals, and all else. So when I see anyone besides Whitney Houston sing Whitney Houston there is a problem, whether  they can sing or not. Why? Because singing and signing like Whitney Houston are two different worlds. 

Now back to the singing culprit, Jessie J attempted to perform the song while adding her own vocal inflections, overly self-indulgent adlibs, and sinful scatting. Yes, sinful scatting. The fact that she does all of these vocal acrobatics is a great example of a goof singer gone bad. Jessie J should stick to her own corny brand of pop which seems to be all the rage in Europe. Memo to Jessie J; when it comes to the states, you might want to go back to the drawing  board because this performance is a perfect example of Jessie J's problem-too much confidence. She tries so hard to be an artist and be different as oppose to being an actual artist and being authentically different.

Confidence is a great attribute, one which can provide inspiration to millions (see Beyonce), but it also can be seen as over compensating for a lack of true confidence when one does too much (see Christina Aguilera). Though obviously gifted as a vocalist, Jesse J feels the need to showboat and over perform using her vocals to show all that she can do rather then focus on perfecting her technique. A true vocalist is one, who knows that audiences are looking for definitive sounds, relatability, and true confidence which all comes across form a knowing what to do and what not to do as a vocalist.

Perfect example below:

Consider this  a lesson  learned Jessie J. Thank me later...

May 19, 2011

10 Reasons Why Beyonce Will Never Lose

And then the day came. Pop music’s leading lady, Beyonce a.k.a. Sasha Fierce, Queen B or The Girl Who Runs the World, returned to reclaim her throne. Bey stans, industry insiders, and naysayers alike waited with bated breath to indulge in Beyonces new sound. With the release of "Who Run the World (Girls)," the poised superstar tapped into her inner “hood diva" and proclaimed her dominance. However, that dominance has yet to translate, as the song has struggled on the Billboard Hot 100 and even worse on the Itunes chart. Also, the single earned mixed reviews from fans, bloggers, and the general media. With that said, do not let the current status of "Run The World" be the deciding factor in the success of the singer's next project; it would not be a wise decision to count out Mrs. Knowles.

While there have been whispers of a certain flamed hair superstar taking Beyonce's throne,  I strongly reject the thought of the idea.  Even on her worst days, Beyonce is already miles ahead of the competition. Take a look at 10 reasons why Beyonce will never lose.

  1. Her name is synonymous with greatness. Beyonce has ammased a staggering total of 16 Grammys, 75 millions records sold worldwide and 64 RIAA certifications. With her next LP, she is sure to add to her ever-growing list of achievements.
  2. On the stage, she is untouchable.  Beyonce is an electrifying performer who dazzles audiences around the globe with her larger than life on-stage persona. Who else could keep up with Prince and Tina Turner?
  3. At any moment, a Destiny’s Child reunion could happen. Despite the media's attempts to destroy the relationship between Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Beyonce, they are all close friends and supportive of each other's career. They have never ruled out a DC3 reunion. After all they are the biggest selling girl group of all time for a reason.
  4. She is the perfect blend of pop & R&B. Beyonce is an all-around artist whose sound is constantly evolving. Though she never leaves her urban roots for mainstream music, yet she blends the two.
  5.  Beyonce and Jay-Z. She is the reigning Queen of Pop and he is the King of Hip-Hop. Does royalty ever lose?
  6. She can s-a-a-n-g. Beyonce is an amazing technical singer and seasoned vocalist. Her voice gets stronger with each project. Beyonces voice is versatile, powerful and undeniably gorgeous.
  7. She can move! Though no dancer extraordinaire (a la Michael Jackson) Beyonce. She executes complex choreography with so much gull and confidence, she makes it look effortless. Aren't we all still amazed by the "Single Ladies" routine?
  8. Multi-talented to say the least. Beyonce is a singer,songwriter, producer, actress, and multi-lingualist.
  9. She gives 110 percent of herself into her work. Beyonce has a great work ethic and devotes herself tirelessly to her craft.
  10. Last but not least, at her worst she leaves her contemporaries in the dust. We have yet to witness an artist who is a culmination of the aforementioned qualities simultaneously. Remember it is she who will be given the Billboard Artist of the Millennium Award at this Sunday’s ceremony. 

May 18, 2011



Yes you read right. Sadly this is a nightmare that has come to manifest itself some how. Keri Hilson performed the Whitney Houston classic, "I Have Nothing".

It has long been common knowledge among artist, musicians, and most of all fans alike that covering one of Whitney Houston's songs could be career suicide for a singer whose first name is not Whitney and last name is not Houston, the same woman who was named "The Voice". Whats more, singers who have great voices do not even attempt to cover none of Ms.Houston's classic songs.

I'm assuming Ms. Keri baby has yet to get the memo. The singer's extreme confidence and unwavering belief in her musical and artist capabilities is admirable, however her execution and delivery totally contradict such confidence. The honest truth. Keri Hilson should not even cover a Madonna song, let alone one of the best singers of all time

Now this is an abomination...

May 10, 2011


So as every major media outlet reported , The VOICE a.k.a.Whitney Houston checked back into rehab. Immediately my heart not only dropped, but completely collapsed to the floor. Was the divorce from that devil a.k.a. Bobby Brown not enough to whip her back into shape? How about the response she received from thousands of fans alike who were dismayed at Whintey Houston's post drug-induced voice.Remember, she apologized during a performance in London for her voice or lack thereof . Lastly, the mind-blowing,ear shattering conversation she had with Oprah Winfrey where she discussed just how "low" and "severe" her life has been post the Bodyguard.Not to mention, she already completed rehab, so we all thought. 

After doing some soul searching within myself as I have a deep affinity and connection to this woman for my whole entire life, I concluded that she is doing something many people should be doing. If only i had the opportunity to do mental, emotional, ans spiritual cleaning. Oh how better I'd be. And i am far from a drug addict or alcoholic. It's a great way form someone famous or not, rich or poor to get away from life's distractions and solely focus on yourself. Especially for someone like Whitney Houston who has the world at her finger tips, in rehab thees structure, brutal honesty, and support, all  of which are not associated with the life of a international mega-star. 

Though my initial reaction was "aint this a bitch, she never gonna get it right". I have sinced realized that there is nothing wrong with rehabilitation the soul . Just because someone is 45 does not mean they have come to self actualization or have it all figured out, however they should e on the quest to doing so. 

Its not the journey, its the destination. 


So in a weekly routine to visit the book store I witnessed the strangest thing. It didn't involve a prepubescent child having a moment, or a homeless person recycling Motown's best, yet a seemingly sane woman reading two books. The one in hour hand, The Catcher in the Rye, the one billowing beneath her cryptic fingers, How to Win Friends and Influence People. 

Pause for reaction.

I thought we all knew how to win friends, by being a democrat, wondering why American Idol is still on air, and hating Katy Perry music but finding it equally irresistible. You become a victim of group think, lose your individually and partake in meaningless gossip and by way of association accumulate other people, to chat with,skype, go out, perhaps sex, aka "friends". You needed a book to tell you that?. Just observing people all through my 22 years I discovered you gain friends by being like others assimilation  and you influence them by doing it better than most. Plotting and scheming at best. Perfect example Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian

Case closed.

MATTER OF TIME...{Love Never Fails }

Love Never Fails. Where does that Adage comes from? Knowingly its included in a popular scriptural  passage from the bible where the love between God and his parishioners would never fail,however in the actual world, love fails constantly  nearly at a rate of epidemic proportions. Pessimism aside, love is the attainable goal of many  and in some ways we define ourselves by a love gained or a love loss? 

There was once time when the love between two monogamous  partners was the end all be all of a relationship and something to boast about. Now we’ve settled for open relationships and cynicism has replaced optimism as a state of being. Have we given up on love due  to our love lost or have we realized that the only love that matters is the love you have of yourself and your loved ones?

 Do we still believe in the possibility of true love or has it failed us one time to many?